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Each month, all of the header images on Geology365.com will feature the exceptional photography of an individual collector. If you are interested in having your photography featured on Geology365.com, email spotlight@Geology365.com (you will need 15 photographs that are 1920x1080). See below for this month's featured photographer!
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The Arkenstone

The business that led to this website started small and innocently enough in 1986, when Dr. Robert Lavinsky participated in his first mineral show at 14. With good mentors in the Columbus (Ohio) Rock & Mineral Society, Rob was exposed to the core of the hobby from an early age. Over time, Rob's childhood hobby grew into a career and the world of minerals grew larger with the advent of the internet to connect local markets into a worldwide society of serious collectors.

The Arkenstone has been a pioneer of the online mineral world since the mid-1990s and has helped to expand the breadth of this hobby that we love worldwide, through offering over 3000 specimens for sale iRocks.com, and weekly auctions of 100+ items on MineralAuctions.com.


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