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Each month, all of the header images on Geology365.com will feature the exceptional photography of an individual collector. If you are interested in having your photography featured on Geology365.com, email spotlight@Geology365.com (you will need 15 photographs that are 1920x1080). See below for this month's featured photographer!
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Wilensky Exquisite Minerals

The Wilensky Gallery is excited to announce our latest exhibition, "Atlas" - a journey through the stunning world of minerals, viewable online and through our catalog (links in bio), or by personal appointment. Minerals, formed over 4.5 billion years, embody the earth's evolution. Their origins, or 'birthplaces,' enrich their story, untainted by the divisions of human constructs like borders or cultures. As timeless pieces of Earth's art, minerals invite all to appreciate and collect them, free from bias or prejudice.


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