YMC Mentorship Collaboration

Do you have a wealth of knowledge that you are ready to share?
Are you looking to learn more about minerals?
Do you fall into both categories?

Maybe it is time for you to enter into a mentorship. The Young Mineral Collectors (YMC), with the help of Geology365, have launch a mentorship prgram for the mineral community!

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Geology365.com is a platform that has been built to manage your mineral/fossil/gem specimen collection as well as your club and its activities.
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Photographer Spotlight

Each month, all of the header images on Geology365.com will feature the exceptional photography of an individual collector. If you are interested in having your photography featured on Geology365.com, email spotlight@Geology365.com (you will need 15 photographs that are 1920x1080). See below for this month's featured photographer!
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Dario Del Frate

Over the last 18 months, my Lego Minerals have gathered 10k votes on the ideas.lego.com platform. This means that Lego is now reviewing the project to decide if it is worth becoming an official set that we will all be able to buy! Their answer is due this autumn! In the meantime, it you like the concept, please like/comment on my FB page via the link below to show Lego you are looking forward to get your hands on the Lego Minerals set!!!
Thank you


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*The free version of the software has a 365 specimen limit and only one condensed image can be uploaded per specimen. If you want/need to upload more images per specimen, or have more than 365 specimens, click on the "Subscriptions" tab when logged in.