How to Create Custom Labels

Why Create My Own Labels?

If you haven't done so already, you need to create your own labels for each of your specimens. A specimen's provenance is very important and you are now a part of it! If you aren't familiar with what "provenance" is, it is basically the history of the specimen (when was it collected, who collected it, and who has owned it since). The specimen's provenance can add as much value, if not more, to the specimen itself!

You should take pride in the labels you design as you are adding your little piece of ownership history to each of your specimens!

Another thing I would recommend is that you print two copies of your labels. Keep one copy with the specimen, and keep the other in a binder with the original labels that came with the specimen. For my collection, I use baseball card sleeves for this. They are large enough to fit most labels and I can also add a receipt from the purchase if desired.

Be sure to explain how your collection is organized to one of your friends/family. This will give them the keys to understanding how your collection is organized if something happens to you. Its going to happen to each of us one day, so you might as well be prepared...

How Do I Use to Create My Labels?

The following video will show you how to use to create your mineral and fossil labels.