Presenter Database has recently released a new section that was built to assist clubs in the never ending task of finding presenters to speak at their club meetings. There are many speakers who are experts in geology, mineralogy, gemology, specific localities, so why continue to use the same ones over and over again? This collection of presenters is free for presenters and clubs to use!

For the Presenter

Anyone can create a presenter profile in

  1. Click on "My Presentations" from the left menu.
  2. If this is your first time clicking "My Presentations", you will automatically be taken to the page to fill out your "Presenter Profile". *If you have already filled out your profile, simply click the "" button in the top right to be taken to this page.
  3. There are detailed instructions on this page, but a couple things to highlight:
    • In the "Areas of Expertise" section, be sure to only select those items which you would feel comfortable presenting on.
    • The "Tags" section is a way to add information that may not fit into the generic options on the page. These will be searchable by clubs in the event they are looking for specific topics. Example: If you are an expert in the Viburnum Trend in Missouri, that won't be captured by any of the options on the page, but you could add it as a Locality Tag.
    • References are not required, but may give a potential new club a level of comfort that you have given presentations in the past.
  4. Once you click "Submit" at the bottom of the page, you will be taken to a page where you can start to add your presentations. Your presentations will be visible and searchable by clubs, so be as thorough as possible!
  5. A description of the Presentation fields are as follows:
    • Title: This will be a short descriptive title that should give a general idea of the presentation.
    • Description: This should be as detailed as possible so it is 100% clear what the presentation is about.
    • Length: How long is the presentation from start to finish? Do not include time for questions and answers. This should just be the duration of presentation itself.
    • Format: Is the presentation best done "In Person" or can it be done on a "Video Conference", or perhaps both?
    • Best For...: Is the presentation entry level and easy for a beginner to understand, or is the presentation best for experts that have years of experience?
    • Interactive/Hands On: Is there any component of the presentation that will allow the attendees to physically interact with the presentation?

For the Club

We'll update this page once we release the club access to the Presenter Database, but here are some details for now:

  • This portion of the site will be released once we have a fair number of presenters registered. However, in order to make use of the Presenter Database, your club will need to have taken control of your club's profile.
  • You will only be given access to the Presenter Database if you are listed as a Board Member for a club that is using
  • If your club hasn't already claimed your profile on, email and supply proof that you are part of the officers for the club (A link to your name/title on the clubs website is usually easiest).
  • Once you have control of your club's profile, I recommend reading the article on Managing Your Club's Profile.