Premium Club Profiles has been built to have a fairly generous free package available to clubs. However, servers cost money, so to ensure that can live on, a small fee is charged to get some of the premium features.

If your club is ready to upgrade to a premium account, please contact

If you are looking for more specific information, Review a Detailed Description of Club Features.

Version Comparison Features List

Feature Tailings Pile (Free) Full Mine Access (Paid) Description
Club Website A professional, mobile friendly website that that your club will be able to use for marketing purposes.
Bring Your Domain Name Use your own domain name instead of a subdomain.
Member Collection Mangement Your club members have access to catalog their mineral/fossil/gem collection.
Event Management Add your club's Meetings, Field Trips, and Rock Shows to your club website quickly and easily. They will also be removed from your home page and moved to an archive section of the site automatically when the event passes.
Locality Tracking Maintain a list of localities that your club visits.
Field Trip Planning Tool Tool to assist in planning a season's worth of field trips.
Presenter Database A tool to assist in finding new presenters for your club meetings.
Mentorship Program Built in conjunction with the Young Minerals Collectors, clubs can participate in the mentorship program.
Membership Management Manage a list of your club's members.
Dues Management Keep track of who has paid their dues for the year.
Links Maintain a list of links to internal pages OR external websites.
Site Map Creation The system will automatically create and maintain a site map for your website. *This is done to assist search engines in finding content on your website.
SSL Certificate - Everyone feels more secure when they visit your site and see the icon at the top of the screen. With your premium listing, we will configure and install your SSL certificate on an ongoing basis so that visitors to your site are ensured that their data is encrypted and safe.
Website Article Creation - Write articles and create original content for your club's website. Read More on Creating Articles
Online Dues Payments - Allow your club members to pay their dues via your club's website. *This will most likely be a Paypal integration, so your club will need to have a valid Paypal account. **The "Dues Structure" (Single, Couple, Family, etc.) can only be accomodated as visible in the club's profile. Before upgrading because of this feature, be sure that your dues structure is handled by the software. Read More on Integrating Online Dues Payments
Discussion Boards - Your club will be able to create multiple discussion boards which are only accessible to members of your club. Plan field trips, rock shows, or just discuss your favorite minerals... It is really up to you.
Member Directory - An easily accessible directory of club members along with their contact information. *This will only be visible to current club members when logged in.
Photo Galleries - Add photos to your events to make your website more engaging to prospective members.
Newsletter Generator - This will be the ability to create a newsletter from content already loaded into It will automatically pull from your scheduled events, as well as allow you to include articles that you've written OR that other sources have provided.