Specimens : Fossils

Knightia alta Fossil
Locality: Green River Formation- Kemmerer, Wyoming
Ammonite Pair
Locality: Utah, USA
Fossilized Crab
Locality: Location Unknown
Locality: El Paso County, Colorado
Petrified Wood
Locality: Mahajanga Province, Madagascar
Growth of Exogyra cancellata
Locality: Reedy Point North Side
Fossilized Clam
Locality: Rucks pit, Fort Drum, Okeechobee Co., Florida
Amber With Inclusions
Locality: Goitsche Open Cast, Bitterfeld, Saxony - Anhalt, Germany
Agate-replaced Gastropod
Locality: Morocco
Kettneraspis williamsi
Locality: Clarita, Oklahoma
Megalodon Tooth
Locality: Off the Coast of North Carolina
Ammonite Cluster
Dendrolithus Hadrosaur egg
Locality: Xixia Basin, Henan Province, China
Locality: Morocco
Triceratops Postorbital
Locality: Niobrara County, Wyoming
Fossil Priscacara Liops
Locality: Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA