Southern California Paleontological Society

Southern California Paleontological Society,
Meeting Address
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Co.
900 Exposition Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Mailing Address
1411 Goodman Ave
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
PRIMARY MEMBER - $20.00 (Jan-June) OR $10.00 (July-Dec) New Primary Membership costs $20.00 if signed up before July 1st, and $10.00 if signing up after July 1st. Membership Renewals for Primary members are due by January 31st and cost $20.00. Active Membership includes the right to attend meetings, the right to hold office and vote, attendance of field trips and events, a parking pass for meetings, optional inclusion in the digital delivery of the SCPS Bulletin, optional inclusion in the members-only monthly email of news and events, and an optional paper copy of the Society's bi-monthly bulletin mailed to the address provided for an additional $10.00. SECONDARY MEMBERS (SAME HOUSEHOLD) - $8.00 EACH / YEAR Secondary Memberships cost $8.00 each regardless of the month of the year and include all the benefits of the Primary Membership. Dues for Renewed Secondary Memberships are due by January 31st. CHILD MEMBERS (12 & YOUNGER) - FREE Child Memberships are free for children 12 years old and younger provided their names and ages are included here by the Primary Member (for insurance purposes).
Single Member: $20
Couples Dues: $28
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